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Regional JR Passes offers unlimited travel within a given area or route for a fraction of the cost of a Japan Rail Pass and offers excellent value for money. Before considering regional passes we suggest first finding out what is the Japan rail pass and ensure all passengers are eligible for the Japan Rail Pass.

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    Okayama Hiroshima Yamaguchi pass


    The Okayama Hiroshima Yamaguchi pass is a JR West pass which covers the JR Network between Fukuoka and Hiroshima, including the Sanyo Shinkansen.

    Available Passes

    Consecutive Days

    Child passes (6-11) are available for half price

    What's included?

    • The Sanyo Shinkansen between Hakata (Fukuoka) - Hiroshima and Mihara stations.
    • The JR West network within the validity area.
    • The JR Express bus between Hofu - Yamaguchi and Shin-Yamaguchi - Hagi
    • Local JR busses, such as the Hiroshima sightseeing bus.
    • JR Ferry to Miyajima
    • Free bicycle rental at stations where the “Ekirin Kun” service is available.

    Limitations and things to keep in mind

    • Seat reservations are not included, a non-reserved seat can be used free of charge.
    • Only the Shinkansen between Hakata - Kokura is included in Kyushu, no other trains within Kyushu are included.

    Eligibility details

    The JR Okayama Hiroshima Yamaguchi pass can only be used by visitors entering Japan using a “Temporary Visitor Visa"


    Exchange station locations

    Location map
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    Shin-Osaka station
    JR West ticket office
    5:30 - 23:30Weekly
    Osaka station
    JR West ticket office
    5:30 - 23:00Weekly
    Kansai Airport station
    JR West ticket office
    5:30 - 23:00Weekly
    Hiroshima station
    JR West ticket office
    5:20 - 23:00Weekly
    Shin-Yamaguchi station
    JR West ticket office
    5:30 - 23:00Weekly
    Shin-Shimonoseki station
    JR West ticket office
    5:30 - 23:00Weekly
    Shimonoseki station
    JR West ticket office
    5:30 - 22:30Weekly
    Kokura station
    JR West ticket office
    5:30 - 23:00Weekly
    Hakata station
    JR West ticket office
    5:30 - 23:00Weekly
    Okayama station
    JR West ticket office
    5:00 - 23:30Weekly

    Itinerary recommendations

    Visit the old castle town of Hagi. This old town is a hidden gem not often frequented by tourists. It’s the perfect chance to experience the atmosphere of Japan in past centuries. Relive the lives of the Samurai.
    The pass offers great mobility in Hiroshima, covering the JR tourists loop line busses and the ferry to Miyajima.

    Conditions of use

    • The pass cannot be used at an automatic ticket gate, please show your pass at a manned gate when entering and exiting the train platform area.
    • The pass can be refunded at any station where the pass can be exchanged in Japan, a 10% processing fee applies. Our general refund policy applies for refunds outside of Japan.
    • No refunds or re-issue is possible for a stolen, lost or damaged rail pass.
    • Pass users must carry their passport with them and show their passport upon request by JR Staff.
    • No compensation is given in the case of cancelled or delayed trains for whatever reason.
    • The pass is counted in days from midnight to midnight (as opposite to periods of 24 hours), the first day of use is counted as a full day, no matter what time you start using it.
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