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Get Paid to Review Iconic Japanese Virtual Travel Landmarks from Home
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Get Paid to Review Iconic Japanese Virtual Travel Landmarks from Home

With the world on lockdown and travel restrictions in place, many of us are homebound for the foreseeable future. However, sitting at home does not mean having to stop exploring the world.

Launching the world’s first virtual travel tester job, JR Pass have created a collection of Japan’s top 20 virtual tours using Google Maps and Street view which you can receive a payment of £200 to review. You can now get paid to virtually travel to breathtaking locations including; viewing the Cherry Blossoms, climbing Mt. Fuji, strolling through Arashiyama bamboo forest, and visiting some of the most remote places in Japan from the comfort of your sofa.

How to apply to become the world’s first virtual travel tester

  • Post a throwback photo of you on holiday (better yet, in Japan) and share your review of at least 1 of the Virtual Travel Locations from JRPass in your caption.
  • Share it with JRPass on social media by following and tagging @JRPass on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #JapanVirtualTravel.

The successful applicant will be selected based on the review of your favourite locations at the end of the application period.

How to know if you’ve won

We’ll contact you on social media at the end of the application period to let you know you’ve won! Between the both of us we’ll coordinate how to receive your full review of the virtual travel locations and sort your payment of £200 too.

So get to google maps – you could be the world’s first virtual travel tester!

Virtual Travel Locations from JRPass

1. View the beauty of the Sakura

Experience Japan’s iconic cherry blossoms, all without having to worry about social distancing here. Once travel starts again, here’s how to travel during the Sakura season.

2. Marvel at the sunrise from the top of Mt. Fuji

Climbing Mt. Fuji is a normally a tough ascent, reach the 3776m high summit at the click of a button here.

3. Explore Himeji Castle

The recently renovated Himeji Castle is considered one of Japan’s most beautiful castles, explore it here.

4. Walk the Shibuya Crossing

Walk through Tokyo’s iconic Shibuya Crossing where normally 2,500 people cross at once here. Read the Full guide to Shibuya here.

5. Virtually get soaked in a Japanese Onsen bath

There are countless Onsen around Japan, as a starting point visit: Manza Onsen Nisshin Kan, Jinata Hot spring or Shirahama Onsen. Visit an onsen in real life? Read the Top 5 Onsen in Tokyo.

6. Go on a virtual train ride in luxury

Have a wander around the most luxurious Shinkansen train car class offered, the Shinkansen “Gran Class” here.

7. Attend the Saga Balloon Festival

The Saga Balloon Festival is the largest international hot air balloon competition in Asia, experience the festival here.

8. Take a stroll around the Hitachi Seaside Park

About 2 hours north of Tokyo, Hitachi Seaside Park boasts a stunning array of flowers that bloom year-round such as blooming narcissuses, flaming Kochia balls, and baby blue eyes. Visit the Hitachi Seaside park digitally here.

9. Visit Huis ten Bosch – a taste of Holland in Japan

Get a taste of Europe in Japan! Visit Japan’s Dutch inspired town complete with windmills and tulip fields here.

10. Visit the Adachi Museum of Art – the most beautiful zen garden in Japan

View the most picturesque Japanese garden in the Adachi Museum of Art here.

11. Go urban exploring on the Abandoned Island of Hashima

Featured in James Bond Skyfall, the island used to be a base for mining activities. One day the island was shut down and people left within moments. Ever since the island has remained uninhabited. Start your urban exploration of Hashima Island here.

12. Walk around Tokyo station – without having to worry about getting lost

From the outside, Tokyo station looks like a 19th-century station building, not unlike elsewhere in the world. Yet, within, it’s an entirely different beast. On an average day, about 3.5 million people pass through and there is a well-planned infrastructure to accommodate for such heavy use. Enter Tokyo station virtually here.

13. Endless torii-gates at Fushimi Inari Taisha

One of the most iconic sights in Kyoto, Fushimi Inari Taisha is the head shrine of the Kami Inari, Deity of Rice. Climbing up takes about 2 hours, though you can do so virtually without breaking a sweat from the comforts of your home here. For when the right time comes, here’s the Ultimate guide to Fushimi Inari Taisha, Kyoto.

14. See the beauty of the Kyushu coastline at Sakurai Itoshima

Sakurai Futamigaura in Itoshima is famous for the two giant “married couple rocks” that are joined by a “Shimenawa” rope and the torii gate standing on the beach. Start your walk on the beach here.

15. View Fuji from the Chureito pagoda

Located in the Arakurayama Sengen park, the Chureito Pagoda is the most quintessential view of Japan, period. Take a look here, and enjoy the majestic view of Fuji. Read Everything You Need To Know About Chureito Pagoda here.

16. Shiroyama Park – see the Kagoshima skyline with Mt. Sakurajima in the distance

Shiroyama park used to be where the local governor lived and with good reason. The view over the Kagoshima skyline is amazing, with the active volcano named Sakura-Jima in the distance. Have a look for yourself here.

17. Cape Nosappu – the most eastern point in Japan

Cape Nosappu, close to the sleepy town of Nemuro, is the most eastern point of Japan and where the sun rises earliest. It’s one of the most remote places of Hokkaido and on a clear day, it’s possible to see Russia in the far distance. Look into the far distance yourself here.

18. Arashiyama Bamboo Grove

Arashiyama Bamboo Grove is one of Kyoto’s most visited attractions, and with good reason. There’s something magical about walking through the tall, swaying bamboo trees. To get in the forest yourself, see here. Want to know more? Read our guide to Arashiyama.

19. Kawachi Wisteria Garden

There are different places in Japan to see Wisteria in full bloom, though the Kawachi Wisteria Garden is by far the best. Located about 30 minutes by bus from Kokura city, it’s a popular spot to visitors who are looking for the best Instagram moments in Japan. Visit the Wisteria right here.

20. The Golden Pavillion in Kyoto

Kinkakuji, the Golden Pavilion is perhaps the best-known temple in Kyoto. See the Golden Pavillion yourself here.

For the full virtual travel experience, see our blog post on the locations here.

Terms and conditions

  • Each participant can only submit 1 review of their favourite locations on social media.
  • All applications must be submitted by 20 July 2020. Any entries made after this date will not be counted.
  • The successful job applicant will be announced on 22 July 2020. There will be one winner.
  • This is not an offer of full-time employment.
  • You will be paid £200 net.
  • If you do not respond upon winning, the job will be forfeited and given to another entrant.
  • Applications open to residents of all locations.
  • You may apply for this job by posting a holiday picture on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram along with of your Virtual Travel review (it must be from the list of virtual travel locations in this post), following and tagging JRPass (@JRPass) and using the hashtag #JapanVirtualTravel.
  • By submitting reviews for this job application, you are granting JRPass permission to use them on JRPass’s own social media platforms and website.
  • The winner is responsible for any taxes/duties incurred, local or otherwise
  • The successful job applicant will be chosen in a random drawing and announced on 22 July 2020. There will be one winner.

This contest is not administered by Facebook, nor is it endorsed or sponsored by Facebook.

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