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AlbaniaFedEx ExpressSpeed: 3 days £16.00
AlgeriaFedEx ExpressSpeed: 7 days £23.00
AndorraFedEx ExpressSpeed: Next Day £12.00
AnguillaFedEx ExpressSpeed: 3 days £20.00
Antigua and BarbudaFedEx ExpressSpeed: 3 days £20.00
ArgentinaFedEx ExpressSpeed: 3 days £20.00
ArubaFedEx ExpressSpeed: 3 days £20.00
AustraliaFedEx ExpressSpeed: 3 days £12.00
AustraliaFedEx Express (Tasmania)Speed: 4 days £28.00
AustriaFedEx ExpressSpeed: Next Day £12.00
AzerbaijanFedEx ExpressSpeed: 4 days £24.00
BahamasFedEx ExpressSpeed: 3 days £20.00
BahrainFedEx ExpressSpeed: 4 days £16.00
BangladeshFedEx ExpressSpeed: 4 days £16.00
BarbadosFedEx ExpressSpeed: 3 days £20.00
BelgiumFedEx ExpressSpeed: Next Day £12.00
BelizeFedEx ExpressSpeed: 3 days £20.00
BermudaFedEx ExpressSpeed: 3 days £20.00
BhutanFedEx ExpressSpeed: 3 days £17.00
BoliviaFedEx ExpressSpeed: 3 days £20.00
Bosnia and HerzegovinaFedEx ExpressSpeed: 3 days £16.00
BrazilFedEx ExpressSpeed: 3 days £20.00
British Virgin IslandsFedEx ExpressSpeed: 3 days £20.00
BruneiFedEx ExpressSpeed: 4 days £16.00
BulgariaFedEx ExpressSpeed: 2 days £12.00
CambodiaFedEx ExpressSpeed: 4 days £16.00
CanadaFedex Express prioritySpeed: Next Day £11.00
Cayman IslandsFedEx ExpressSpeed: 3 days £20.00
ChileFedEx ExpressSpeed: 3 days £20.00
ChinaFedEx ExpressSpeed: 3 days £12.00
ColombiaFedEx ExpressSpeed: 3 days £20.00
Cook IslandsFedEx ExpressSpeed: 4 days £24.00
Costa RicaFedEx ExpressSpeed: 3 days £20.00
CroatiaFedEx ExpressSpeed: 3 days £16.00
CyprusFedEx ExpressSpeed: 2 days £12.00
Czech RepublicFedEx ExpressSpeed: 2 days £12.00
DenmarkFedEx ExpressSpeed: Next Day £12.00
DominicaFedEx ExpressSpeed: 3 days £20.00
Dominican RepublicFedEx ExpressSpeed: 3 days £20.00
EcuadorFedEx ExpressSpeed: 3 days £20.00
EgyptFedEx ExpressSpeed: 4 days £16.00
El SalvadorFedEx ExpressSpeed: 3 days £20.00
EstoniaFedEx ExpressSpeed: 2 days £12.00
EthiopiaFedEx ExpressSpeed: 2 days £12.00
Faroe IslandsFedEx ExpressSpeed: Next Day £12.00
FijiFedEx ExpressSpeed: 4 days £24.00
FinlandFedEx ExpressSpeed: Next Day £12.00
FranceFedEx ExpressSpeed: Next Day £11.00
French PolynesiaFedEx ExpressSpeed: 7 days £23.00
GeorgiaFedEx ExpressSpeed: 4 days £16.00
GermanyFedEx ExpressSpeed: Next Day £12.00
GibraltarFedEx ExpressSpeed: 2 days £12.00
GreeceFedEx ExpressSpeed: 2 days £12.00
GreenlandFedEx ExpressSpeed: Next Day £12.00
GrenadaFedEx ExpressSpeed: 3 days £20.00
GuadeloupeFedEx ExpressSpeed: 3 days £20.00
GuamFedEx ExpressSpeed: 5 days £23.00
GuatemalaFedEx ExpressSpeed: 3 days £20.00
HaitiFedEx ExpressSpeed: 3 days £20.00
HondurasFedEx ExpressSpeed: 3 days £20.00
Hong KongFedEx ExpressSpeed: 2 days £12.00
HungaryFedEx ExpressSpeed: 2 days £12.00
IcelandFedEx ExpressSpeed: 2 days £12.00
IndiaFedEx ExpressSpeed: 4 days £16.00
IraqFedEx ExpressSpeed: 4 days £24.00
IrelandFedEx ExpressSpeed: Next Day £12.00
IsraelFedEx ExpressSpeed: 3 days £13.00
ItalyFedEx ExpressSpeed: Next Day £12.00
JamaicaFedEx ExpressSpeed: 3 days £20.00
JapanFedEx Express (Japan)Speed: 3 days £17.00
JapanFedEx Express (Okinawa / Hokkaido))Speed: 3 days £24.00
JordanFedEx ExpressSpeed: 4 days £16.00
KazakhstanFedEx ExpressSpeed: 4 days £24.00
KenyaFedEx ExpressSpeed: 4 days £24.00
KuwaitFedEx ExpressSpeed: 4 days £16.00
LaosFedEx ExpressSpeed: 4 days £16.00
LatviaFedEx ExpressSpeed: 2 days £12.00
LebanonFedEx ExpressSpeed: 4 days £16.00
LiechtensteinFedEx ExpressSpeed: 2 days £12.00
LithuaniaFedEx ExpressSpeed: 2 days £12.00
LuxembourgFedEx ExpressSpeed: Next Day £12.00
MacaoFedEx ExpressSpeed: 3 days £12.00
MadagascarFedEx ExpressSpeed: 7 days £23.00
MalaysiaFedEx ExpressSpeed: 2 days £12.00
MaldivesFedEx ExpressSpeed: 4 days £24.00
MaltaFedEx ExpressSpeed: 2 days £12.00
Marshall IslandsFedEx ExpressSpeed: 4 days £24.00
MartiniqueFedEx ExpressSpeed: 3 days £20.00
MauritiusFedEx ExpressSpeed: 7 days £23.00
MexicoFedEx ExpressSpeed: 3 days £20.00
MicronesiaFedEx ExpressSpeed: 5 days £23.00
MoldovaFedEx ExpressSpeed: 3 days £16.00
MonacoFedEx ExpressSpeed: Next Day £12.00
MongoliaFedEx ExpressSpeed: 4 days £24.00
MontenegroFedEx ExpressSpeed: 3 days £16.00
MontserratFedEx ExpressSpeed: 3 days £20.00
MoroccoFedEx ExpressSpeed: 3 days £16.00
MozambiqueFedEx ExpressSpeed: 4 days £24.00
NepalFedEx ExpressSpeed: 3 days £17.00
NetherlandsFedEx ExpressSpeed: Next Day £11.00
Netherlands AntillesFedEx ExpressSpeed: 3 days £20.00
New CaledoniaFedEx ExpressSpeed: 7 days £23.00
New ZealandFedEx ExpressSpeed: 3 days £12.00
NicaraguaFedEx ExpressSpeed: 3 days £20.00
Northern Mariana IslandsFedEx ExpressSpeed: 5 days £23.00
North MacedoniaFedEx ExpressSpeed: 3 days £16.00
NorwayFedEx ExpressSpeed: 2 days £12.00
OmanFedEx ExpressSpeed: 3 days £17.00
PakistanFedEx ExpressSpeed: 4 days £16.00
PanamaFedEx ExpressSpeed: 3 days £20.00
Papua New GuineaFedEx ExpressSpeed: 4 days £24.00
ParaguayFedEx ExpressSpeed: 3 days £20.00
PeruFedEx ExpressSpeed: 3 days £20.00
PhilippinesFedEx ExpressSpeed: 2 days £12.00
PolandFedEx ExpressSpeed: 2 days £12.00
PortugalFedEx ExpressSpeed: Next Day £12.00
Puerto RicoFedEx ExpressSpeed: 3 days £20.00
QatarFedEx ExpressSpeed: 4 days £16.00
ReunionFedEx ExpressSpeed: 7 days £23.00
RomaniaFedEx ExpressSpeed: 2 days £12.00
Saint Kitts and NevisFedEx ExpressSpeed: 3 days £20.00
Saint LuciaFedEx ExpressSpeed: 3 days £20.00
Saint Vincent and the GrenadinesFedEx ExpressSpeed: 3 days £20.00
Saudi ArabiaFedEx ExpressSpeed: 4 days £16.00
SerbiaFedEx ExpressSpeed: 3 days £16.00
SeychellesFedEx ExpressSpeed: 4 days £24.00
SingaporeFedEx ExpressSpeed: 2 days £12.00
SlovakiaFedEx ExpressSpeed: 2 days £12.00
SloveniaFedEx ExpressSpeed: 2 days £12.00
South AfricaFedEx ExpressSpeed: 3 days £20.00
South KoreaFedEx ExpressSpeed: 2 days £12.00
SpainFedEx ExpressSpeed: Next Day £12.00
Spain (Canary Islands)FedEx ExpressSpeed: 5 days £23.00
Sri LankaFedEx ExpressSpeed: 4 days £16.00
SwedenFedEx ExpressSpeed: Next Day £12.00
SwitzerlandFedEx ExpressSpeed: 2 days £12.00
TaiwanFedEx ExpressSpeed: 2 days £12.00
TanzaniaFedEx ExpressSpeed: 4 days £24.00
ThailandFedEx ExpressSpeed: 2 days £12.00
Trinidad and TobagoFedEx ExpressSpeed: 3 days £20.00
TunisiaFedEx ExpressSpeed: 7 days £23.00
TurkeyFedEx ExpressSpeed: 3 days £16.00
Turks and Caicos IslandsFedEx ExpressSpeed: 3 days £20.00
UkraineFedEx ExpressSpeed: 3 days £16.00
United Arab EmiratesFedEx ExpressSpeed: 4 days £16.00
United KingdomRoyal Mail Special DeliverySpeed: Next Day £7.00
United KingdomRoyal Mail Recorded DeliverySpeed: 3 days £3.00
United StatesFedex Express prioritySpeed: Next Day £11.00
UruguayFedEx ExpressSpeed: 3 days £20.00
U.S. Virgin IslandsFedEx ExpressSpeed: 3 days £20.00
UzbekistanFedEx ExpressSpeed: 4 days £24.00
VaticanFedEx ExpressSpeed: Next Day £12.00
VenezuelaFedEx ExpressSpeed: 3 days £20.00
VietnamFedEx ExpressSpeed: 2 days £12.00
YemenFedEx ExpressSpeed: 3 days £17.00
ZimbabweFedEx ExpressSpeed: 4 days £24.00
AlbaniaFedEx Express3 days£16.00
AlgeriaFedEx Express7 days£23.00
AndorraFedEx ExpressNext Day£12.00
AnguillaFedEx Express3 days£20.00
Antigua and BarbudaFedEx Express3 days£20.00
ArgentinaFedEx Express3 days£20.00
ArubaFedEx Express3 days£20.00
AustraliaFedEx Express3 days£12.00
AustraliaFedEx Express (Tasmania)4 days£28.00
AustriaFedEx ExpressNext Day£12.00
AzerbaijanFedEx Express4 days£24.00
BahamasFedEx Express3 days£20.00
BahrainFedEx Express4 days£16.00
BangladeshFedEx Express4 days£16.00
BarbadosFedEx Express3 days£20.00
BelgiumFedEx ExpressNext Day£12.00
BelizeFedEx Express3 days£20.00
BermudaFedEx Express3 days£20.00
BhutanFedEx Express3 days£17.00
BoliviaFedEx Express3 days£20.00
Bosnia and HerzegovinaFedEx Express3 days£16.00
BrazilFedEx Express3 days£20.00
British Virgin IslandsFedEx Express3 days£20.00
BruneiFedEx Express4 days£16.00
BulgariaFedEx Express2 days£12.00
CambodiaFedEx Express4 days£16.00
CanadaFedex Express priorityNext Day£11.00
Cayman IslandsFedEx Express3 days£20.00
ChileFedEx Express3 days£20.00
ChinaFedEx Express3 days£12.00
ColombiaFedEx Express3 days£20.00
Cook IslandsFedEx Express4 days£24.00
Costa RicaFedEx Express3 days£20.00
CroatiaFedEx Express3 days£16.00
CyprusFedEx Express2 days£12.00
Czech RepublicFedEx Express2 days£12.00
DenmarkFedEx ExpressNext Day£12.00
DominicaFedEx Express3 days£20.00
Dominican RepublicFedEx Express3 days£20.00
EcuadorFedEx Express3 days£20.00
EgyptFedEx Express4 days£16.00
El SalvadorFedEx Express3 days£20.00
EstoniaFedEx Express2 days£12.00
EthiopiaFedEx Express2 days£12.00
Faroe IslandsFedEx ExpressNext Day£12.00
FijiFedEx Express4 days£24.00
FinlandFedEx ExpressNext Day£12.00
FranceFedEx ExpressNext Day£11.00
French PolynesiaFedEx Express7 days£23.00
GeorgiaFedEx Express4 days£16.00
GermanyFedEx ExpressNext Day£12.00
GibraltarFedEx Express2 days£12.00
GreeceFedEx Express2 days£12.00
GreenlandFedEx ExpressNext Day£12.00
GrenadaFedEx Express3 days£20.00
GuadeloupeFedEx Express3 days£20.00
GuamFedEx Express5 days£23.00
GuatemalaFedEx Express3 days£20.00
HaitiFedEx Express3 days£20.00
HondurasFedEx Express3 days£20.00
Hong KongFedEx Express2 days£12.00
HungaryFedEx Express2 days£12.00
IcelandFedEx Express2 days£12.00
IndiaFedEx Express4 days£16.00
IraqFedEx Express4 days£24.00
IrelandFedEx ExpressNext Day£12.00
IsraelFedEx Express3 days£13.00
ItalyFedEx ExpressNext Day£12.00
JamaicaFedEx Express3 days£20.00
JapanFedEx Express (Japan)3 days£17.00
JapanFedEx Express (Okinawa / Hokkaido))3 days£24.00
JordanFedEx Express4 days£16.00
KazakhstanFedEx Express4 days£24.00
KenyaFedEx Express4 days£24.00
KuwaitFedEx Express4 days£16.00
LaosFedEx Express4 days£16.00
LatviaFedEx Express2 days£12.00
LebanonFedEx Express4 days£16.00
LiechtensteinFedEx Express2 days£12.00
LithuaniaFedEx Express2 days£12.00
LuxembourgFedEx ExpressNext Day£12.00
MacaoFedEx Express3 days£12.00
MadagascarFedEx Express7 days£23.00
MalaysiaFedEx Express2 days£12.00
MaldivesFedEx Express4 days£24.00
MaltaFedEx Express2 days£12.00
Marshall IslandsFedEx Express4 days£24.00
MartiniqueFedEx Express3 days£20.00
MauritiusFedEx Express7 days£23.00
MexicoFedEx Express3 days£20.00
MicronesiaFedEx Express5 days£23.00
MoldovaFedEx Express3 days£16.00
MonacoFedEx ExpressNext Day£12.00
MongoliaFedEx Express4 days£24.00
MontenegroFedEx Express3 days£16.00
MontserratFedEx Express3 days£20.00
MoroccoFedEx Express3 days£16.00
MozambiqueFedEx Express4 days£24.00
NepalFedEx Express3 days£17.00
NetherlandsFedEx ExpressNext Day£11.00
Netherlands AntillesFedEx Express3 days£20.00
New CaledoniaFedEx Express7 days£23.00
New ZealandFedEx Express3 days£12.00
NicaraguaFedEx Express3 days£20.00
Northern Mariana IslandsFedEx Express5 days£23.00
North MacedoniaFedEx Express3 days£16.00
NorwayFedEx Express2 days£12.00
OmanFedEx Express3 days£17.00
PakistanFedEx Express4 days£16.00
PanamaFedEx Express3 days£20.00
Papua New GuineaFedEx Express4 days£24.00
ParaguayFedEx Express3 days£20.00
PeruFedEx Express3 days£20.00
PhilippinesFedEx Express2 days£12.00
PolandFedEx Express2 days£12.00
PortugalFedEx ExpressNext Day£12.00
Puerto RicoFedEx Express3 days£20.00
QatarFedEx Express4 days£16.00
ReunionFedEx Express7 days£23.00
RomaniaFedEx Express2 days£12.00
Saint Kitts and NevisFedEx Express3 days£20.00
Saint LuciaFedEx Express3 days£20.00
Saint Vincent and the GrenadinesFedEx Express3 days£20.00
Saudi ArabiaFedEx Express4 days£16.00
SerbiaFedEx Express3 days£16.00
SeychellesFedEx Express4 days£24.00
SingaporeFedEx Express2 days£12.00
SlovakiaFedEx Express2 days£12.00
SloveniaFedEx Express2 days£12.00
South AfricaFedEx Express3 days£20.00
South KoreaFedEx Express2 days£12.00
SpainFedEx ExpressNext Day£12.00
Spain (Canary Islands)FedEx Express5 days£23.00
Sri LankaFedEx Express4 days£16.00
SwedenFedEx ExpressNext Day£12.00
SwitzerlandFedEx Express2 days£12.00
TaiwanFedEx Express2 days£12.00
TanzaniaFedEx Express4 days£24.00
ThailandFedEx Express2 days£12.00
Trinidad and TobagoFedEx Express3 days£20.00
TunisiaFedEx Express7 days£23.00
TurkeyFedEx Express3 days£16.00
Turks and Caicos IslandsFedEx Express3 days£20.00
UkraineFedEx Express3 days£16.00
United Arab EmiratesFedEx Express4 days£16.00
United KingdomRoyal Mail Special DeliveryNext Day£7.00
United KingdomRoyal Mail Recorded Delivery3 days£3.00
United StatesFedex Express priorityNext Day£11.00
UruguayFedEx Express3 days£20.00
U.S. Virgin IslandsFedEx Express3 days£20.00
UzbekistanFedEx Express4 days£24.00
VaticanFedEx ExpressNext Day£12.00
VenezuelaFedEx Express3 days£20.00
VietnamFedEx Express2 days£12.00
YemenFedEx Express3 days£17.00
ZimbabweFedEx Express4 days£24.00

Please Note

  • We aim to dispatch (send out) all orders within 1 business day. Delivery speeds shown are in business days, and are average times after processing. In some circumstances delivery can take longer.
  • Deliveries over holiday periods may be disrupted and is something which is unfortunately outside our control. If you would like confirmation of delivery speed, contact us.
  • In order to activate your Japan Rail Pass in Japan, you must bring the exchange order we provide. The Exchange Order is like a voucher that can be exchanged for a Japan Rail Pass and is a physical document that cannot be emailed or faxed or replaced if Lost. Japan Rail in Japan will only accept the original Exchange Order we send you as proof of purchase.