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Activating the JR Pass at Narita Airport
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Activating the JR Pass at Narita Airport

Welcome to Narita Airport, are you ready for Japan?

Arrival procedures.

Narita is the international airport from Tokyo and the Kanto area. Arrival procedures are straightforward and generally take between 30 to 60 minutes depending on how many other travelers there are. After clearing immigration, pick up your luggage and make your way to the arrivals hall. Trains depart from the station found on the lower level, B1 floor, of the airport. It is also here where the JR Pass can be activated.

Activating the JR Pass.

Once you arrive at the station floor of Narita Airport, look for the JR East Travel Service center. This is the point of exchange for the JR Pass. You’ll need both your passport and exchange voucher in order to activate the JR Pass, be sure to keep them ready.

The JR Pass can be exchanged between 6:30 and 21:45.

Terminal 1 or Terminal 2?

Narita Airport has two terminals, the exchange procedure is exactly the same at both.

Getting into Tokyo.

Once activated, the JR Pass can be used right away and comes in handy right away because it can be used on the Narita Express!
The Narita Express requires a seat reservation, be sure to make them at the same time when activating the JR Pass.

Got JR Pass Pocket WiFi?

Did you already order fast Pocket WiFi in Japan? Then don’t forget to pick up your WiFi unit at Narita Airport. Detailed instructions for pick-up are in your confirmation e-mail.

Expert tip: The JR Pass does not have to be activated right away at Narita Airport, if you plan to starting using it at a later day. Narita Airport can be very busy and it may be faster to exchange the JR Pass later on at any other exchange point.

Written by Daniel-San

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