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yamanote line, eletronic ticket gates and others

Yamanote line, eletronic ticket gates and others

I'll be travelling to Japan on 27th March and coming back on 6th April.
I'll buy the 7day JR pass, but I have some questions regarding :

-The yamanote line, tokyo monorail and other JR trains/buses: I know the pass covers the yamanote line, the tokyo monorail,the shinkansen hikari and other trains and buses from the JR company, but I really would like to know what's the proccedure to enter the train/ bus? For example, I have the pass, and I want to go from HAMAMATSUCHO station to TOKYO station, with the yamanote line. I just enter the train and show the pass to the person who is selling the tickets? does the same applies to the tokyo monorail and other JR transportations?

-In some stations, there are those electronic ticket gates where you pass your ticket and a ''beep'' sound confirms and opens the passage for you. How does it work with the JR pass? can we use the pass or does it have a different gate we must go to?

Thank you very much!


Hi Lyneais,

The JR Pass can't be used on electronic gates, instead just show it to a gate attended and he will let you trough. Manned gates can be found at every station. This procedure is the same for all JR lines and also the Monorail. For Shinkansen and High speed rail services you can also board the train like this, however I'd advice to make a seat reservation beforehand to be secured of seating.

For the JR Bus, just show your pace to the driver when you exit the bus, this is normally the moment when you would pay.

Hope this clears things up!

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