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would a 14 day pass be more economical?

Would a 14 day pass be more economical?

Apologies in advance for what I assume is a frequent question here! I have been reviewing the information on Hyperdia with our itinerary but I just wanted to present the question here as well in case I have missed something important.

Our itinerary:
- 15 days - Tokyo for first 5 days (land in Tokyo evening of first day, planning to go to Kamakura day trip and possibly Hakone day trip) - then Hiroshima for 2 days - then Kyoto for 5 days (including Himeji, Osaka, Nara half day/day trips) - then back to Tokyo for 3 days (fly out 3rd day evening) - we are away from Tokyo for 8 days going to Hiroshima and coming back from Kyoto at the end (7 day pass wouldn't cover it)

I've been calculating and it looks like it could be pretty much equal if we do 7 day or 14 day pass. For the 7 day pass, we'd have to buy a separate ticket Tokyo to Kyoto (since the 7 day pass means we would either have to pay separately for Tokyo-Hiroshima or Kyoto-Tokyo).

Should we just get a 14 day pass? Thank you so much for any advice you may have!


Hi there,

It's better to double check than makes mistakes that could be prevented. With that in mind, let's have a look at your itinerary. I must say that you've already done most of the groundwork and it looks good. In terms of ticket prices, you are about even with the price of a 14 day JR Pass if you look at the big routes but I do think you can make savings with it if you include local travel as well. This can add up to a lot without noticing it, think about travel from the Airport to Tokyo, a day trip to Kamakura or Nara, travel on the JR network in Tokyo and so on. The JR Pass also comes with some other nice perks, for instance in Hiroshima you can ride the local sightseeing bus for free and take the ferry to Miyajima.

When it comes to the JR Pass, personally I'd go for a 14 day JR Pass as it just gives you that bit of extra convenience. No need to buy train tickets and just one pass for nearly everything. Also it makes for easy budgeting and you know how much you will spend in advance.

Hope this helps,

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