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worth reserving smaller journeys?

Worth reserving smaller journeys?

In Japan currently and started using our pass today! Easy to book a few key shinkansen journeys so far for a few days ahead of time- I wondered though if I need to book ahead for smaller journeys using I presume local trains?

Such as

Osaka to Nara day trip
Koya trip from Osaka
Osaka to Himeji day trip

But more unsure about

Daytrip from Hiroshima to Fukuoka (shinkansen)
Hiroshima to Arima onsen via Shin kobe
Shin Kobe to Kyoto (only 30 mins so is this a shinkansen train?)

Many thanks!!


Hi there,

Making seat reservations with the JR Pass is free and gives you guaranteed seats. So I'd reserve seats for at least the Shinkansen where possible. Other local trains such as Osaka - Nara and to Kyoto don't have reserved seats. You just get on and take a seat where available.

You could reserve Osaka - Himeji as well if you want to use a limited express train or take a non reserved rapid express train. All work :)

Hope this helps,

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