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which pass would be best? tokyo-kyoto-osaka-wakayama-kyushu

Which pass would be best? Tokyo-Kyoto-Osaka-wakayama-kyushu

Hi! This might be a little confusing, so I apologize!
My family is coming to visit next month (I live in Japan so I can't buy a pass), and we'll be spending two nights in Tokyo, then going to Kyoto and spending 5 nights there, then moving on to Koyasan for one night, hoping to see Osaka briefly along the way.
From there we'll probably spend a night in Nagasaki before going to southern Kyushu where I live. Once we get to Kyushu, I'll be able to drive us around, so all -in- all, we'll probably be spending a week to a week and a half traveling by public transportation.

We're really on a budget, so if possible I was hoping to avoid buying the 14 day pass for all three of them. In Kyoto we'll probably be mostly traveling by bus and walking, so I'm afraid the pass would be wasted for those 5 days. Is there a combination of passes that would make this more affordable? For example, is there a one way pass they could buy to get from Tokyo to Kyoto, and then activate a 7 day pass when we leave Kyoto?

Thank you so much for your help! I really appreciate it!


Hello there,

You can just buy a 7 day JR Pass + normal tickets as needed. This is not problem at all.

What might be good to know in considering a 7 day JR Pass + normal tickets or a 14 day JR Pass is the difference in price.
The price between a 14 and 7 day JR Pass is ¥ 17,280 while the ticket price for a one way ticket Tokyo - Kyoto is ¥ 13,400. A difference of ¥ 3,880. Basically a 14 day JR Pass would be worth it if you did this amount of travel besides Tokyo - Kyoto.

Hope this helps!

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