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which pass is suited for this itinerary please?

Which pass is suited for this itinerary please?


Please could you recommend a train pass that you think would be worthwhile for the itinerary below? Considering the 7D JR pass for now, starting from the Hakone>Kyoto leg on 15th night.

10/11/12/13 May: Tokyo
14: Morning train (Romancecar) from Tokyo to Hakone on Hakone Free Pass
14/15: Hakone (on 2D1N Hakone Freepass)
15 night: Train to Kyoto (JR 7D pass starts here)
16/17/18: Kyoto
19: Morning train to Osaka
19/20: Either night bus (19th night) or morning train (20th) back to Tokyo
20 night: Flight out of Haneda Airport

Was contemplating a nobi nobi seat on sunrise izumo/seto for Osaka>Tokyo for an overnight train experience but am putting off the idea after reading that the lying down seat is not cushioned and it is a torture for a tourist to book the nobi nobi seats.

Many thanks,


Hello Eliza,

I think it is better for you to use single train tickets for your itinerary. You could compare JR Fare here.

Night trains are very popular in Japan, so it could be a good experience to take the sunrise izumo/seto. It is indeed not always easy to get tickets, as the train can sell out quickly. We have a full post here.

Hope this helps!



Thanks Mariko!

If we do manage to book a nobi nobi seat on the sunrise izumo/seto, will it be worthwhile to get the 7D pass then? I tried to find the cost of the nobi nobi seats online but I couldn't get anything.

All in our 7D pass would then cover the Shinkansen from Hakone > Kyoto, Kyoto > Osaka, and the Nobi Nobi seat on the sleeper train from Osaka > Tokyo.

Thank you!


Hello again!

The 7-day JR Pass cover your itinerary except for Hakone, but single train tickets for your itinerary would cost 26,430 JPY while the 7-day JR Pass is 29,110 JPY.

Odawara station - Kyoto station - Osaka station: 12,640 JPY see details
sunrise izumo/seto (Osaka station - Tokyo station/ nobi nobi seat): 12,180 JPY
Tokyo station - Haneda Airport: 1,610 JPY see details

The nearest JR station from Hakone is Odawara station. We have a blog post Access to Hakone.

Hope you enjoy your trip!



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