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which jr pass should i buy

Which JR pass should I buy

Hi there,

Please suggest which JR pass should I buy and for 7 days or 14 days for this itinerary:
20/6 Arrive in Tokyo. Hotel in Shibuya area
21/6 Tokyo to Toyama
22/6 Toyama - Shirakawago - back to Tokyo
23/6 City tour tokyo
24/6 Tokyo to Kyoto
25/6 City tour kyoto
26/6 City tour Kyoto
27/6 Kyoto to Osaka
28/6 Rinku FO
29/9 Universal Studio
30/6 Shinsaibashi and Dotonbori
1/7 Osaka to Tokyo
2/7 Shibuya to Narita

We are a group of 8 person.
Is there any discount for JR pass?

Can JR pass using for train/ subway inside tokyo, kyoto and osaka?

Thank you


Used to/from the airport, the 14 day pass will pay off quite well for you. Please note though that JR doesn't go all the way to Shirakawago or the Rinku outlet, so you'll need to pay a bit to get all the way. If you can spare the time, on June 27th go see Nara for at least half a day. The Todaiji Great Buddha may be the place you remember most about visiting Japan. And in Osaka, in Dotonbori be sure to try the food there as well since it is quite famous.
Every city has something to see of course, but it is a bit unclear what you want to see in Toyama City. If you have a chance though, Kanazawa is only about 20 minutes by bullet train and has a lot there, including Japan's most beautiful traditional garden.

Best of luck.



Thank you for your reply.

From your explanation so I better buy JR national than JR east + JR west?

Btw I go to Toyama to see Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route and Shirakawago on the next day.
I'll consider about Nara and of course try Japan famous food in Dotonbori.


Yes, you'd need the full JR Pass to cover every place you mentioned. Please remember also that for the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route you don't start and end at the same place.

Good luck!



Thank you so much for your info.
Really appreciate.


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