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which is the cheapest and most convenient mode of travel in japan?

Which is the cheapest and most convenient mode of travel in Japan?

I will be visiting Japan for 9 days from 1st-9th July, 2016 and would like to know as to what would be the best mode of travel in terms of the cost, convenience and reach. Based out of the Edogawa Ku area, I would be travelling in and around Tokyo (including Mt.Fuji and Hakone) for the first four days . Then, I would travel to Osaka and after visiting nearby tourist places (may include Kyoto), would return to Tokyo where I have to take a flight back to home on the 9th.
Please suggest me the best way to commute around the above places.

Thank you!


Hi there,

Cheapest and most convenient mostly do not go hand in hand. The JR Pass however is great for saving money and will get you around Japan in comfort too.

The JR Pass covers travel to Osaka and back to Tokyo. This is enough to break-even when compared to purchasing normal tickets, any additional travel is what you can save with the JR Pass.

Hope this helps,

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