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where to get the jr train timetable?

Where to get the JR train timetable?

Where can I get a printed copy of the JR train timetable? Is it updated and reprinted every month?
Is it obtained for free at public places such as the railway stations? or is it to be purchased somewhere?



Hi there,

The full JR timetable (or 'Jikokuhyou' in Japanese) is huge, and although it is reprinted every month it is only available in Japanese. You can find it on Amazon if you are interested.

You can find a very cut down english version of this available for tourists at most mainline JR ticket offices (ask at the ticket counter), however it will only cover bullet trains and main lines. I recommend you stick to searching for routes with Hyperdia - or maybe I can help if you have a specific question?

Hope this helps!

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