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when to activate jr pass

When to activate JR Pass

Hi, am spending twelve days in Japan but have only bought a 7 day jr pass. Will be in Kyoto from 10th-14th July and plan on taking the bullet train to Tokyo for 4 nights then back to Nagoya . The last day I intend to use my pass is the 18th for the bullet train from Tokyo to Nagoya. Do I activate the pass on the 11th or 12th July? Activating on the 11th as I calculate means the pass runs out on the 17th. Is this correct? Need to know as I want to use while in Kyoto to get to Nara and Arashiyama. And does the pass run until 12 midnight of that final night? Thanks


Hello there,

Since you'll be using the Shinkansen on the 18th, I would advise activating it on the 12th, this would mean that it expires at the end of the 18th at midnight.

Details can be found here:

Hope this helps!

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Thanks Daniel, was a little confused so that helps a lot!


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