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what is the best option

What is THE best option


I'm going to japan for 3 weeks. From 26 to 30 september i'm in Tokyo. From 30st of september till 13th of october I will travel around to Kyoto, hiroshima, takayama etc. Is het better to take à jrpass for 14 days and buy à separate ticket for Tokio of to buy jrpass for 21 days?

Hope you have an answer for me.

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Hi Lyke,

The price difference between the 14 day and 21 day JR Pass is 12,600 yen. You would have to do at least this amount of travel to make it worth it. Since you will only stay in Tokyo for the first 4 days I think the best option will be to just buy local tickets and start using the 14 day JR Pass when you set out to explore beyond Tokyo!

Hope this helps!

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