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what if i don't receive my jr pass before i depart for japan?

What if I don't receive my JR pass before I depart for Japan?

Hi, I purchased my JR pass rather last minute online and I am departing Singapore on 23 March night. Say if i just made my purchase online (18 March) would I be able to get the JR pass in time? I understand the dispatch will take 1 business day and delivery to Singapore will take 2 business days. So if I don't get it on Friday that means I won't be able to get my JR pass in time and I would have to go down to the JR pass sales agent office in Singapore to try my luck over the weekend.

Looking forward to your reply. Thanks!


Hi there!

It is indeed a little short time, however we dispatch your JR Pass using FedEx which is very fast and reliable. I checked shipping times and you should receive the pass on time. FedEx also delivers on Saturdays giving you 5 days (including today).

We also provide you with a shipping number so you can track the pass while it is on it's way to you.

Hope this helps!

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