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voucher exchange at narita and hokkaido shinkansen

Voucher Exchange at Narita and Hokkaido Shinkansen


just wondering if anyone knows how long it takes (on average) to exchange JR voucher at Narita. We are arriving at Narita at 4.00pm and our connecting flight to Sapporo is 6.00pm. Given that we have to clear customs and immigration and check in for the domestic flight will we have enough time?. Unfortunately Sapporo JR office is closed by the time we get there.

I also have some questions about the Hokkaido Shinkansen:

I can't find timetables for this service from Shin Hakodate to Sendai on Hyperdia on 29 March? I can find the JR timetable online which starts 26 March but I am trying to coordinate with other non-shinkansen trips in Hokkaido but am not having much luck.

Will shin hakodate have a JR office? On the wiki web page it looks like a major rail station.



Hi there,

Its hard to tell, I've been able to exchange my JR Pass within 5 minutes at Narita Airport but we've also had stories from customers who have had to line up for 30+min. It really depends on the season and how busy it is. I can't really tell you for use but I do think the 2 hour window at Narita Airport is too small to do it.

We have all the details for the Hokkaido Shinkansen here:

Time table is at the bottom of the page.

Shin-Hakodate will indeed have a JR office.

Hope this helps,

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