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I will arrive in Osaka on a Saturday, going to Kobe to be with friends till Monday. I will purchase a 1-day Kansai Pass to get to Kobe. Or is there a ferry from Osaka to Kobe?

Monday I will leave to go to Kyoto till Friday. I was planning on purchasing a 4-day Kansai Pass and a 1-day Kasai to cover my 5-day stay and to return to Kobe.

Friday I will be in Kobe to be with friends till Monday. No pass needed.

Monday I will go to Hiroshima returning to Osaka on Tuesday for the remaning stay. I will purchase a 4-day West Pass.

My question, is this my best option or is there something better and more cost efficient?

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


Hi kiki,

I think for your plans, your above strategy looks good. If I could offer 1 change, I recommend you consider if the Haruka+ICOCA bundle deal makes sense as you'll get cheap travel and also a useful prepaid card that you can use within Kobe for travel on metro.

Hope this helps!

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Thank you so much for taking the time to respond to my question. I would also like to thank you for the suggestion, I will look into that. Again thank you so much! I look forward to my visit!



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