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using the jr rail pass in tokyo and on day trips from tokyo

Using the JR rail pass in Tokyo and on day trips from Tokyo

We are staying in Tokyo for 10 days and don't know whether it will be worth buying the JR rail pass.

  1. We would like to take day trips out of Tokyo with the pass - any suggestions welcome.
  2. Does the pasmo card cover all the JR lines in Tokyo therefor making it redundant?

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Some great day trips to make from Tokyo include.

Kamakura - visit the great Buddha and local temples. There are also nice beaches close by and woods to make great hikes.

Nikko - Visit the mausoleum of Shogun Tokugawa Ieyas, the area itself is also very beautiful and has much to offer.

Yokohama, Tokyo's twin in the Kanto region, this is an other big city. With much to explore and visit.

The Pasmo card is a prepaid travel card, that does not give any discount by itself. While the JR Pass basically is an all you can travel ticket for a set amount of time. Depending on the rest of your itinerary, a JR Pass works best if you can make savings with it. Otherwise buy a Pasmo card or just normal train tickets.

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You actually could make a 7 day JR Pass pay off if you took some long distance day trips with it to Karuizawa, Kusatsu, and the Izu Peninsula. However you can travel to those places and others much more cheaply by getting one or two Kanto Area Passes which cost far less than a full JR Pass. Buying regular fare tickets would be a big waste of money.
Some other day trips you might consider are to Mt. Takao, Nokogiriyama (Chiba Prefecture), Hakone, the Fuji 5 Lakes area, and Mito, which has 2 superb gardens close by.


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