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using jrp and others passes

Using JRP and others passes

Hi ,
First time going Japan .Going on the 4th -15th July . Stay in Nagoya = Tokyo = Osaka=Kyoto and back to Nagoya. Please give advise on buses and recommend passes.Thanks.

    Day1 (stay near Nagoya station)
Nagoya- Oasis 21

    Day2  ( stay near Tokyo station)

Tokyo- Tsukiji Market

            Shinjuku , Harajuku,Shibuya,Tokyo Tower.


Tokyo- Kawaguchiko,Fuji fifth station

           back to Tokyo


Tokyo- Hitachi Seaside Park

          Ueno,Akasaka Palace

     Day5,6,7 (stay near namba station)

Osaka- Nara

           Osaka Castle,dotonbori ,kuromon 
          Tha lnstant Ramen Museum

        Day8,9 (stay near kyoto station)

Kyoto- Arashiyama

          Fushimi Inari shine
          Kiyomizu -dera temple


Nagoya-Nagoya castle

Franky Tan
Franky Tan

Hi there,

I checked your itinerary for the best options but it is hard to find a matching pass. A 7 day JR Pass would have been great if you returned to Nagoya within the 7 day period, at the same time a 14 day JR Pass would require more travel to be cost effective. You are just in the middle between them. I think the best option here would be to simply buy normal tickets as you travel.

Enjoy Japan!

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