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using jr pass in kyushu

Using JR pass in Kyushu


I am planning a trip to Japan in 2 weeks, and thinking about getting a 7 day JR pass. I know there is Kyushu Pass, but I am planning to land in Tokyo first. Here is my questions:

  1. Can I use JR Rail Pass for Kyushu design & story train such as Aso Boy/ A train/ Yufuin Mori?
  2. Can I usr JR Rail Pass for Sunrise nobinobi?
  3. I will use the Pass from Shizuoka through Kyushu, can I make the reservation for all the trains that I wish to take including the design train in Kyushu in Tokyo when I land in Japan?



Hello Nikko,

1.) Yes the JR Pass is valid on all these "special" trains and they are well worth riding!

2.) Yes but try to book seats in advance as soon as you arrive in Japan, they are very popular.

3.) Yes! Assuming that by design train you mean Aso Boy/ A train/ Yufuin Mori.

Hope this helps,

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Thank you very much for prompt reply, Daniel san.

Now, I am ready to get my pass and schedule for the train ride! Yee-haw !

Thanks again, good nite, Daniel san.



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