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use of the jrpass

Use of the JRpass

I have three questions about the JRpass.

1.)My trip to Japan is March 20 to April 2. I don't want to get it too early and have it expire. Is there any way I can get the booklet or other information ahead so I can make more detailed plans?

2.) Is the JRpass good for the Yurikamome line? We need to go to the Tokyo Big Sight for the day and get to Joypolis that same evening. If JRpass is good on Yurikamome we are good to go. If not, is there any JR transportation (bus or train) that will get me to both venues I mentioned?

3.) This last question is more for fun. Does, or will, the JR line (train or buses) have anime decorated (wrapped) vehicles during the time of my visit? I would like to know what routes, as my daughter and I will go out of our way to ride in one of these, at least once.

Thank you.


Hello there,

1.) The JR Pass can be purchased up to 90 days in advance before using it. You could thus purchase it in January without worry. The JR Pass is a ticket of unlimited rides anywhere in Japan and works very well in case plans change.

2.) Tokyo Big Sight is in Odaiba and this area is not served by the JR, the Yurakimome is the coolest way to get there but you'll need a normal ticket for it. The JR Pass will get you as far as Shimbashi, from where the Yurakimome departs.

3.) That's a cool one. I saw this Hatsu Miku tram not too long ago. There are not that many trains with anime themes. The closest to Tokyo may be the Pokemon train which can be found in Tohoku. This is the Japanese website there are some nice pictures. I checked the Schedule for you but it is not yet available for march next year.

Hope this helps,

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