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use of jrp on tokyo area trains

Use of JRP on Tokyo area trains

As I am planning on staying in Tokyo for at least a week, I was curious whether I can use my pass to get from station to station, like say from Ueno to Ryogoku, or similar short - distance - routes. Thank you!


Hi there!

Yes, you can use the JR Pass on the extensive JR network within Tokyo to great effect. Here's a map of JR lines in Tokyo for reference.

Hope this helps!

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Having done this quite a bit myself over the last couple of days I'd add that it is really easy to do this. It's literally a case of showing the pass to the JR staff member at one end of 90% of the JR station ticket gates (often in a little booth) and he/she just waves you through with a "dozo" ...


Very cool!


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