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use of jr pass for 21 day trip

Use of JR pass for 21 day trip

Hi, can someone please check my itinerary and see whether I can improve it in any way?
Thank you

13th - Tokyo
14th - Tokyo
15th - Tokyo
16th - Takayama - 6500Y bus from Tokyo
17th - Kanazawa - shirakawago bus from Tamayama to Kanazawa
18th - Kanazawa
19th - Kanazawa
20th - Hiroshima - ACTIVATE JR 7 DAY PASS
21th - Hiroshima
22nd - Osaka
23rd - Osaka
24th - Osaka
25th - Kyoto
26th - Kyoto - JR PASS EXPIRY DATE
27th - Kyoto
28th - Kyoto
29th - Night bus to Tokyo 5000Y
30th - Tokyo
01st - Tokyo
02nd - Tokyo
03rd - Tokyo

Which is the best rail pass for me to use during this trip?

Thank you :)


Hi there!

How about starting your JR Pass active period on the 19th? This way you'll include your trip from Kanazawa to Hiroshima and maximise your savings!

If you are intending to use the night buses for the other components of your trip then I think you have selected the correct pass for your trip (although you'll have less flexibility for the non-JR Pass periods).

Hope this helps!

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