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understanding the rail system in japan

Understanding the rail system in Japan

Hi Daniel,

We’ve now confirmed our itinerary as follows:

Day 1:
Nagoya Chubu International airport, head straight to Yamabe Ryokan at Tenri Nara Station.
Visit Nara Deer Park, Isuien Garden, Todaiji Temple and Higashimuki shopping arcade and Naramachi-no Machiya

Day 2:
Train from Tenri Nara Station to central Kyoto (day trip)

Day 3:
Train from Tenri Nara Station to CaminoRo Guesthouse, Mikuni Station Osaka

Day 4 and Day 5:
Stay and travel around in Osaka

Day 6:
Train from CaminoRo Guesthouse, Mikuni Station to Hotel MyStays, Nagoya Sakae Station

Day 7:
Hotel MyStays, Nagoya Sakae Station to Chubu International Airport.

Based on our plan above, can you please advise which is the best train pass to buy apart from JR Pass. Would it be the Kansai Pass or the Kintetsu Pass?

Can you also please advise us cost estimate for budgeting purposes? Thank you.


Hello Karen,

I've posted the answer to your question HERE.

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