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uncover route

uncover route

I check and uncheck some conditions that is not availble for JR pass.
I want to take Kagaribi or Nanao from Kanazawa to Hakui.
And from Tokyo/Nagoya to Kanazawa but I read about some exception which is related to
my route due to some Ishikawa railway and Jr pass cover only from Kanazawa to Tsubata

I am not good english enough. Please help me.

thank you and best regard,


Hi Nen,

The full scope of availability can be found here. You can use the JR for travel from Kanazawa to Hakui.

You can also use the Hokuriku Shinkansen directly from Tokyo to Kanazawa or use a limited express train from Nagoya. As far as I understand your route, there is no need to use the Ishikawa railway.

Hope this helps,

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