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two travelers; different lengths of stay.

Two travelers; different lengths of stay.

Have used the JR Pass very successfully in the past for trips to Japan that included many nationwide stops. Need some advice about maximizing for an upcoming trip that has 2 travelers but for different length of stay.

Am traveling for 17 days in September between the following cities:
Arrive KIX
Hiroshima 6 days (inc. day trip to Miyajima)
Osaka 6 days
Tokyo 5 days (inc. use of JR Rail day trip North of Tokyo)
Depart NRT

My travel companion will join for only 10 days:
Arrive KIX
Osaka 5 days (inc. day trip to Hiroshima)
Tokyo 5 days (inc. use of JR Rail day trip North of Tokyo)
Depart NRT

Given this itinerary, would it be maximum use of the JR Pass for me (21 days) but for my companion, should I consider instead to purchase Suica or Passmo? Thanks for any suggestions...


Hi there,

For your companion a 7 day JR Pass would work very well. Given that you can cover the trip to Hiroshima with it, Tokyo and up north. This would give you very good value out the the 7 day JR Pass and cover all otherwise pricey travel.

Suica and Pasmo are just electronic means of paying tickets, they don't give any discount up on themselves. Even so you can buy them to make travel a lot more convenient.

Hope this helps and have a great time in Japan!

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