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trip to osaka / nara / kobe / kyoto / mt fuji

Trip to Osaka / Nara / Kobe / Kyoto / Mt Fuji

Hi !

My husband and I , together with 3 kids (15, 11, 8) are going to Osaka . Arriving on 11 Dec morning & departing on 19/12 night.

My planned itinerary :
11/12 - Osaka
12/12 - Nara
13/12 - Kobe
14/12 - Kyoto
15/12 - Kyoto
16/12 - Mt.Fuji
17/12 - Osaka
18/12 - Osaka
19/12 - Osaka

We will be staying in Osaka from 11/12 up to 18/12.

So, based on my itinerary, what kind of transport pass should we buy, which are value for money.

Really appreciate your help and advise.

Thank you :-)


Hi there,

All your travel is very local, so in general it would be cheapest to just buy normal tickets as you travel. The exception here is travel to Fuji, however this is not easy to do as a day trip from Kyoto/Osaka and would add so much travel cost that I would almost leave it out. Instead you could add a visit to elsewhere.

For a ideas on Fuji see:

Hope this helps,

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Hi Daniel,

Thanks for your reply.

Ya, I will forget about Mt Fuji after consideration. Instead, I will focus on Kansai Area only.

1) Kansai thru pass should be a useful one, right?
2) how about JR Kansai Wide Area Pass? Is it worth it just to experience the shinkansen (bullet train) to okayama ?

Thank you :-)


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