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travelling maihama-hakone-kyoto-nara-osaka

Travelling maihama-hakone-kyoto-Nara-Osaka

Dear sir/mdm,
My family of 5, all adults, will be travelling in Japan.
I would really appreciate if you could tell me the best way on transportation to make the most of our time there.
Here is our itinerary:
9 June mrg arrv narita, should I take a bus or train mystay maihama hotel?
10-11 June: Disney land and sea
12 June mrg: hakone, how to travel there? I read many comments but I am a little bit confuse.
13 June, sightseeing hakone then Kyoto. how long frm hakone to Kyoto?
I would like to leave hakone as late as possible to enjoy this place.
I m staying in fijimien in hakone. Kyoto in royal park hotel. What will b your advise?
14 to 16 Kyoto n Nara, how should I travel here? What places to visit?
16 afternoon frm Kyoto to Osaka.
17 Osaka: any places of interest n how should I travel here?
Fly back to Singapore in the evening
Thank you for your help



Hi Lia,

Arrival at Narita Airport

There is a Airport limousine available that travels directly to Maihama and your Hotel. The price is ¥ 2400 and leaves about every hour. I would definitely recommend taking the transport option if you arrived all packed. You can find more information about it via this link.

You can also take the train there, this route is free with the JR Pass but does involve a couple of transfers, here is the full route.

Going to Hakone

Hakone is the area around Fuji and includes many smaller places, because if this it is a little hard to give you the exact route. Most people travel to Tokyo station and take the Bullet train from there to Odawara, this is the access station for Hakone. You can travel on from there to your accommodation with various local transport methods.

On to Kyoto, Nara and Osaka

The travel time to Kyoto from Hakone is 123 Minutes (roughly 2 hours) by Hikari Shinkansen (a certain class of bullet train). Hikari trains leave every 30 minutes during the day. For instance if you take the train at 18:08 from Odawara, then you arrive at 20:11 in Kyoto, giving you almost the full day in Hakone and enough time to check into your hotel in Kyoto.

Nara can be reached directly from Kyoto station in around 1 hour. The trip is very easy and you can enjoy a nice view of the Kansai area from the train. In Nara I would recommend a visit to the Tōdai-ji temple, this home houses the big Buddha and you will be sure to meet some of the free roaming deers.

You can't really miss a visit to Osaka if you come to Japan, Osaka can be reached in around 30minutes from directly from Kyoto station, so just get into the train and get out in Osaka. There really is a lot to see and do in Osaka I would recommend reading this site. One thing I certainly would recommend is to walk the streets of Shinsai Bashi, the area is great for buying all kinds of small things and I think it gives a great impression of Osaka.

I hope this helps,

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Dear Daniel,
Really appreciate your reply. It helps!
If you don't mind me asking more questions?

  • on the 9june, I will have full day to spend in maihama, where will you advise me to go? Maybe nice place with a lot food street for dinner? In the mrg I will go to pick up my Disney tickets, is there anything interesting in this ikspari shopping mall or ard that area? I m not keen on shopping though:)

  • how much is the bullet train frm Tokyo station to odawara?

  • how long frm maihama to Tokyo station to odawara to hakone?
  • u heard of people going frm maihama to Shinjuku then hakone, do you think this is ok?
  • how much of hikari bullet train frm odawara to Kyoto?

Thank you again in advance.

Rgds: lia


Hi again,

Glad to hear it you found the answers useful.
Going on to yours other question.

1.) Haihama is not too far from the Tokyo Sky Tree. Possibly you could visit it to enjoy a nice skyline view of Tokyo, there's also a modern shopping complex around it. Other places not too far away are Asakusa and Ueno, they make for good places to spend time too.

2.) The price for one way Tokyo - Odawara is ¥ 3,640 and takes 36 Minutes.

3.) The whole route from Maihama to Odawara takes about 130 minutes, from here you will have to travel on to your accommodation but I would not except anymore that 30 minutes extra.

4.) You can also travel via Shinjuku, which may be a little cheaper if you don't have a JR Pass. To read more about it, see this.

5.) The ticket price for Odawara - Kyoto is ¥ 11,950 and takes about 110 minutes.

Enjoy Japan!

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