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traveling around kanzai area, osaka- okayama- naoshima island

Traveling around Kanzai Area, Osaka- Okayama- Naoshima Island


I am planning my trip to Osaka - Okayama in the mid of May for around 1 week, my itinerary would be as below:
- Reach Osaka International airport or Kanzai airport (not confirmed yet), any JR train from these airports to Shin Osaka? - Will be traveling from Shin Osaka to Okayama Station on the same day. Then Travel to Uno Station near Uno ferry port - In the next couple of days we will be traveling back and forth between Uno port - Naoshima Island - Teshima Island - Inujima Island by ferries. - Travel back to Osaka and stay in Osaka for couple of days.

My questions are:
- Is there any JR Kanzai pass? if there is, is it sufficient and cover most of my transportation as described above? - Is the JR pass covered ferries fare traveling around Naoshima Island - Teshima Island - Inujima Island?

Would be very much appreciate in your clarification and help.



You can see regional passes on:


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