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tokyo/kamakura /kyoto/nara/osaka/tokyo

tokyo/kamakura /kyoto/nara/osaka/tokyo

Hi there,
I'm planning a 15 day itinerary from 6th to 21st April next month. Thinking of getting the 7 day rail pass and activating it on the 10th day (15/4) so that I could return to tokyo to catch my flight from Narita. Any suggestions or advice is greatly appreciated. It's a solo trip for me! And my first ever to Japan!
still firming up the plan but here's the skeleton:

Fly into Narita.

A friend in Chiba. We're doing skytree and maybe strawberry picking And sightseeing in Tokyo.

still researching!

Planning for Kamakura And surrounding areas.

Activate JR pass. Travel to Kyoto.
Hotel booked in Kyoto (15/4-19/4)
hope to cover Kyoto, Nara and Osaka within this frame.

À day trip somewhere and then back to tokyo

Should I get a SIM3G4G data card or portable wifi?
Any advice on trains or timings I should know...or any places I ought to see, just any advice is welcome! Thank you!



Hello Mas,

I would also suggest a 7 day JR Pass from the 15th - 21st. This way you can use the JR Pass to cover your trip from Tokyo - Kyoto, Nara, Osaka and back. At this point I would wait with your purchase until you've finished planning 9/4 - 11/4. Maybe you'll decide on planning more nationwide travel and then a 14 day JR Pass could quickly becomes useful.

As for Wifi, we've also got you covered there. You can rent a mobile wifi via the above link and even get a small discount.

For other recommendations, I would recommend a visit to Nikko from Tokyo, it's a very impressive area to visit.

Also please tell me what whats of things you would like to see, this way I can give you more specific recommendations.

Hope this helps,

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Daniel san,
Thank you for the prompt reply!
I'm going to read up on Nikko right away.

It's my first trip, and I'd love to explore as much as I can yet not have to go to all touristy places.

No doubt the temples and shrines with gardens and hopefully if I'm lucky, being greeted by Sakurabloom! :)

I like quaint streets and quieter areas too where I can just stroll and soak in the atmosphere. Some nature, though not full on hiking for this trip.

Any pointers much appreciated!



Hi Mas,

I think you may also like a visit to Matsumoto, it's easy to reach from Tokyo - Shinjuku. This is a small castle town with a lot of nature around it.

An other, maybe even better visit than Matsumoto is Kanazawa, you could visit it using the Shinkansen between Tokyo and Kyoto. The town offers much both in terms of history and culture. The local geisha quarter stands untouched and in business from the Edo period and it's great to walk around in. Kenrokuen and Kanazawa Castle are also worth visiting.

Let me know what you think :)

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