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tokyo to kyoto in a day?

Tokyo to Kyoto in a day?

A few questions:

  1. Can I make a reservation on the bullet train to Kyoto and back to Tokyo the same day?

  2. Is a trip like that enough time, because I want to see the Gold house and the bamboo walk area. I believe its about 3 hrs. to and from Tokyo, if I leave at 9 am. and return at 6pm.?

  3. Is the rail pass worth it for me? I want to go to from Tokyo and back on a day trips? Places are Kyoto, yokohama,Karuizawa, Kamakura, Oiso, and maybe mt Fuji?

  4. What time does the bullet train start and stop, and the regular Jr. train start and stop? Thank you


Hi there,

Here are some answers for you:

  1. Yes - you certainly can. Simply visit the JR ticket office before you depart to arrange your reserved seats. (there are also unreserved seats if you are in a hurry)
  2. The bullet train takes around 2h45m from Tokyo to Kyoto, so you could do it in a day. Of course, the earlier you leave the more you'll get out of the town! (In general you should try and overnight in Kyoto for at least a few days).
  3. A 7 day pass generally breaks even with JR tickets if you do 1 return trip from Tokyo to Kyoto. As you are doing this then certainly a JR Pass will give you some great savings.
  4. The earliest trains start around 6am, with the last trains getting into their final destinations around 23:30. Note that this means the last valid bullet trains from Kyoto to Tokyo will leave at 20:49.

Hope this helps!

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