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tokyo to hokkaido

tokyo to hokkaido


I'm visiting japan in december from 17th to 29th 2015.
with JRpass, what are the routes available that are time saving?

my tentative plan is as follows, as im planning to celebrate christmas at hokkaido.

1) tokyo - hokkaido - osaka
2) osaka - hokkaido - tokyo

Any help would be great! (:


Hi there,

You can make very good savings using the JR Pass in the above itinerary. However the real problem is the travel time involved in getting from Tokyo - Sapporo. Doing this in one go almost takes 10 hours and will take up most of your day. Taking a flight is a faster option, so that is a good alternative. You could also make a trip with a break in between and see some of Hokkaido. For instance Tokyo - Hakodate is about 6-7H of travel and you could stay there a night or two before traveling on.

I would advise having a good look at the route and see if you want to travel it by train or plane. That said, the Shinkansen from Tokyo up to Aomori is pretty cool!

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