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tokyo to hokkaido

Tokyo to Hokkaido

Which rail i can be taken to go hokkaido from tokyo with using JR pass.

Hi there!

You can use all the trains between Hokkaido and Tokyo. I would recommend using the Hayabusa as it is the quickest train in Japan!

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I have brought a 14days JR pass to travel on 18th to 31th July and my planning as below:

Day 1: Narita airport to Asakura
Day 2: Tokyo , Night train to Sapporo
Day 3: Sapporo
Day 4: Furano
Day 5: Biei
Day 6: Sounkyou
Day7: Sapporo
Day 8: Otaru
Day 9: Toya, Noboribetsu
Day 10: Hakodate
Day 11: back to Tokyo
Day 12: Mt Fuji
Day 13: Tokyo
Day 14: Depart at am (Narita airport)

This is the first time to japan, please let me know your thought about my itinerary.
Would appreciate if you let me know the train and timetable that i should taken .
Can we pre-booking before we arrive as i worried there is no seat at night from Tokyo to Sapporo

Hi Again!

For the most part I think that your itinerary looks great. However the night train Tokyo - Sapporo worries me. For different reasons. One is that there is only a night service from between Tokyo - Sapporo available on certain days. In addition it is a very special train and usually fully booked well in advance. To be honest I think that it will not be possible to reserve tickets one day before departure. It is also not possible to reserve tickets abroad, so I would advise to ask for tickets right away after arrival. Also be sure to have an alternative route available, there are plenty of trains available during the day. If you feel that traveling Tokyo - Sapporo during the day is too much, consider making a stop on the way.

For timetables, I don't have a traditional timetable sheet since there are so many trains available. Instead I would recommend to use Its a great resource which you can use to look up timetables, ticket prices and other route information. We also have a blog post on how to plan with Hyperdia.

Sorry for the bad news :(

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