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Hi there!
I'm planning a short 4 day trip from Tokyo to Kyoto, Kyoto to Nara for a day trip, Kyoto to Nikko and finally Nikko to Narita Airport.
I have looked up trains (such as shinkansen Hikari, jr nara line, Jr nikko) and was wondering if the Japan rail pass includes those trains?
By adding up the individual tickets from hyperdia, it seems like the 7 day jrp has greater value, but is that the case or did I misunderstand the website?
If purchasing the jrp is recommended, how do I go about making reservations for all the travelling in order to guarantee that everything goes as planned? I needs to book hotels and make sure I check in and out within the given timelines.
When I go to the exchange office in order to activate the jrp, will the 7 days start or does it start after my first use of transport?
Thank you so much for providing so much information, useful videos and great feedback throughout the forum!


Hi there,

Yes, I do recommend using a 7 day JR Pass for this trip, as you can make great savings. Have a look at the following:

Tokyo - Kyoto ¥ 13,910
Kyoto - Nara ¥ 710
Nara - Kyoto ¥ 710
Kyoto - Nikko ¥ 18,210
Nikko - Tokyo ¥ 5,580

For a total of ¥ 39,120 or ¥ 10,020 in savings, as the 7 day JR Pass is ¥ 29,100.

Making reservations can be made at any JR station in Japan, we also have a guide here:

Once you exchange the JR Pass, you can select a first day of use. The JR Pass will start counting as of that day.

Hope this helps,

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