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tokyo-kyoto-hiroshima-osaka -tokyo

Tokyo-Kyoto-Hiroshima-Osaka -Tokyo


I am planning to do the following route and was wondering if the 7day Rail pass would be worth it.

Dates Destination
29th Aug - 3rd Sept Tokyo
3rd -7th Sept Kyoto/Hakone
7th - 9th Sept Hiroshima
9th - 11th Sept Osaka
11th - 12th Sept Tokyo

I was thinking about getting a 7day pass from the 3rd to the 9th and then getting a separate ticket from Osaka to Tokyo.

Help please!



Hi there,

A 7 day JR Pass certainly can help you make savings but why not use it from day 5-11? Given that you travel from Hakone to Kyoto on day 5? This will get you much better savings and you can cover all pricey long distance travel with it.

Because Osaka - Tokyo is also pretty pricey. Alternatively you could even go for a 14 day JR Pass, there's more than enough travel in your itinerary to make savings with it.

Hope this helps,

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Thank you! :)


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