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tokyo haneda to kanazawa

Tokyo Haneda to Kanazawa


we are planning a trip to Kanazwa, arriving at Haneda Airport.

I saw that Kanazawa is out of the "JR east pass", but valid with the Japan rail travel pass.

my question:
Are all tains valid? also the train from Airport to Tokyo train station where the train to Kanazawa leaves?
I saw I have to change twice the train.

Further, what about reservation of the seats, is this included or has to be booked apart?

Finally, how can we get a ticket with the travel pass?

I guess first I have to get the travel pass, and then the card?

Kind regards

By the way: here the train connection, in orer to look for it

[14 Min]through Keikyu Main/Airport Line Rapid Ltd. Exp. 15:16

transfer SHINAGAWA
[12 Min] through JR Yamanote Line(Inner loop) 15:33

transfer TOKYO
[ Departure track No.20 ] [183 Min]through SHINKANSEN HAKUTAKA 569 18:55


Hello there,

Visiting Kanazawa with the Japan Rail Pass from Tokyo is fully covered and it is possible to make some good savings over purchasing normal train tickets. The Shinkansen to Kanazawa departs from Tokyo and Ueno stations. I advise going to Tokyo station, to get there using the JR Pass, take the Monorail from Haneda to Hamamatsucho and from there the JR Yamanote line to Tokyo station. The trip from Haneda to Tokyo takes about 50min.

Seat reservations are included in the JR Pass.

Hope this helps,

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Dear Daniel-san

Thank you very much for your help

How can I use it?

I get the travel pass here, this is clear.

But how can I book the tickets then, without paying both, Pass AND ticket?

Or is there no need to get after the JR pass a particular ticket for the train?

Best regards

Oliver Benz


Hi Oliver Benz,

Here is how to make seat reservations.

Alternatively you can just hop on the train and show your JR Pass to the conductor. It is a valid train ticket in itself.

Does that help?

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