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This October I will be traveling from Tokyo to Fukuoka, then from Fukuoka to Osaka, and then from Osaka to Tokyo. Is this possible with a JR Pass? I noticed that a couple of lines were not available for travel using the JR Pass. Will these exceptions interfere with my intended travel itinerary?


Hi there!

Yes this journey is fully covered by the JR Pass and you should have no problems with your intended itierary (by the way, you should use the station called "Hakata" for Fukuoka as it is the bullet train terminal in the city).

All lines are covered by the JR Pass but you will not be able to use Nozomi or Mizuho class bullet trains. In practice there are many alternative Hikari class bullet trains that will allow you to travel down country with no problems. The Hikari bullets reach the same tops speeds as the Nozomi, but as they stop at slightly more stations en-route, the total journey time is a little longer (15-20mins longer from Tokyo - Kyoto for example).

Hope this helps!

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