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tokyo - osaka - kyoto - nara

Tokyo - Osaka - Kyoto - Nara

Hi, this is my itinerary :
1. May 19 - Narita to Disneyland
2. May 20 - Tokyo (Shinjuku, Shibuya, Harajuku)
3. May 21 - Tokyo (Tsukiji fish market, Tokyo skytree, Roponggi Hills)
4. May 22 - Lake Kawaguchiko (Mt. Fuji)
5. May 23 - Go to Osaka
6. May 24 - Go to Kyoto
7. May 25 - Go to Wisteria garden (Kawachi Fuji, Kitakyusu, Fukuoka)
8. May 26 - Go to Kansai Itl airport

My question is :
1. Is 7 days JR Pass cover it all (all the places in my itinerary) ?
2. Is that possible from Shin Osaka station go to Wisteria garden Kawachi Fuji, Kitakyusu ?
3. What train to get there and how long ?



Hello there,

1.) The JR Pass covers most of your travels here are some points that need attention.
-Kawaguchiko, the JR Pass covers all the way to Otsuki station. From there you'll have to use the Fujikyu line which is not covered by the JR Pass and requires a 1,140yen fare. -Tokyo Skytree. details are here. -Wisteria, there's no train station nearby. You will either have to use a bus or taxi.

2.) The JR Pass can be used for the train to Kitakyushu, from there however you'll have to use other transport. It's a long trip so be sure to research it well.

3.) You can use the Shinkansen to Kokura station. This is around 160 minutes from Osaka.

Hope this helps,

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Thanks, Daniel. Its helpful.

Wanna ask again, so for Tokyo Skytree is not covered by JR Pass is it ?


There's not really a train station close to the Tokyo Skytree. It's better to use the Tokyo Metro.

The closest is around 30 min walk, you can however go to Tokyo Tower with the JR Pass :)

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Okay, Daniel. Many thanks. :)


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