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tokyo - mt fuji - osaka

Tokyo - Mt Fuji - Osaka

Dear Sir,

We ( 2 Adults and 3 children: 11 yo, 10 yo and 3 yo) plan to visit Japan from Jun 14-21'2013, my itinerary as follows:

  • Jun 14: Arriving Haneda at 23:00 direct to Hilton Disneyland.
  • Jun 15: Visit Gotemba Outlet.
  • Jun 16: Visit Mt Fuji.
  • Jun 17-18: Disney Land/Sea.
  • Jun 19: From Hilton Disneyland to Osaka-Universal Port Hotel.
  • Jun 20: Universal only.
  • Jun 21: Flying out from Osaka.

Please advice what type of rail pass will be the cheapest for us. Can we buy from here and ship the tickets to Jakarta Indonesia.

Thank you in advance for the help.


Hi there!

Here are the approximate costs for you (assuming you'll take the bus to Gotemba Outlet and visit Kawaguchiko for Mt Fuji via Otsuki):

  1. Tokyo > Maihama: ¥210 (15mins, 12km)
  2. Maihama > Otsuki: ¥3,500 (114mins, 100km)
  3. Otsuki > Maihama: ¥3,500 (114mins, 100km)
  4. Maihama > Universalcity: ¥14,160 (247mins, 575km)

JR ticket cost: ¥21,370 for 4 legs

As you can see based on this travel alone you will not be spending enough on JR travel to make a 7 day pass (¥28,300) worthwhile. The devil is in the details though, so if you think you will spend a further ¥6930 on JR travel during your stay then it may be worth looking into the pass. If you do decide to go with the JR Pass we do ship directly to indonesia :).

I hope this helps!

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Dear Sir,

Thank you for the estimate cost, Y21,370 is per head or total?

If i want to buy 7 day pass for 2 adult & 2 kids, what will be the cost including shipping? Any expiration on the starting time of the tickets?


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