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Tokyo - Kyoto - Kanazawa - Kyoto - Tokyo


I am planning to bring my wife and two daughters (age: below 4 years) Tokyo this autumn. We would like to spend 4 days in Tokyo and 3 days outside Tokyo. Outside Tokyo I am planning to bring them to Kyoto and Kanazawa (for Shirakawago). We will spend our nights in Kyoto and go to Kanazawa on a day trip.

Tokyo (Disneyland/Yokohama/Tsukiji/Mitaka[Ghibli Studio])
Kyoto (Kyomizudera/Kinkakuji/Higashiyama/Fushimiinari)
Kanazawa (Shirakawago)


  1. Can I use 1 Japan Rail Pass each for me and my wife for Tokyo-Kyoto (Hikari&Kodama Shinkansen), Kyoto-Kanazawa (Thunderbird Express) and return back Kyoto-Tokyo (Hikari&Kodama Shinkansen)?

  2. Japan Rail Pass is Free for kids below 4 years. Am I right?

  3. Can I reserve seats on all those coach I mentioned above? If can how early can i reserve and can it be done online?

Thank you,

Ridz (Qatar)

Hi Ridz,

1.) Yes, all these lines/trains are included in the JR Pass.

2.) Yes, that is correct. Also see our blog post about child passes.

3.) You can do so at any time at any JR Station in Japan. Its not possible to do so online. Seats rarely sell out, so no need to worry about this.

Hope this helps,

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Dear Daniel,

Thank you so much for your quick reply. Its really useful and i fully understand.


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