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to and fro tokyo and hokkaido

To and fro Tokyo and Hokkaido

Hi, I planned to visit Hokkaido and Tokyo in upcoming February. However, I have some questions on the JR pass.

Qns 1: I will be arriving at narita airport before going to Hokkaido. Is there any JR trains from Tokyo to Hokkaido? If yes, how much it cost and the duration?

Qns 2: Can i purchase Japan Rail Pass to access to Hokkaido? or i need to get the Hokkaido Rail Pass? Also, can i use the Hokkaido Rail pass to book a train to travel from Hokkaido to Tokyo?

Really appreciate your help!


Hi there,

Travelling by JR Pass to Hokkaido is certainly possible and you would be making great savings over normal tickets for sure. However do keep in mind that travel times are rather long, so making good preparations is essential. [Here is an example route Tokyo - Sapporo. Taking ¥ 24,070 / 1196.7 km / 566 Minutes.

The JR Pass is valid nationwide and includes Hokkaido, there's no need to purchase a separate Hokkaido pass if you have a JR Pass. (The Hokkaido pass is limited to travel in Hokkaido, so you can't use it to travel Tokyo).

I hope this helps!

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