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the validity period of jr pass

The validity period of JR Pass


I have extended my journey to Japan and planning to stay one more week. I managed to get my plane ticket to the week after plane. So I changed my September 3rd flight to September10th.

I am planning to get 7 days JRPass but I am not so sure If i can use it on all of my journeys.
I will be in Osaka in the beginning of my journey. I want to spent all of my time in Tokyo and I have to be back to Osaka Airport (NIX) on 10th. One way ticket from Osaka-Tokyo is approx. 14.000 yen and I may travel around Tokyo, so i guess it worths to get the Pass.


If i exchange my pass on 3rd in the afternoon (after 2pm), is it possible for me to come back to Osaka in the morning (before 1pm) of 10th? In other words, Is JR Pass validity dates are depending on the day you exchange or depending on the time you exchange?

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Hi Ogan,

The JR Pass is counted in full days (not hours) and the first day of use is counted as a full day, no matter when you start using the train. In otherwords, the pass would be valid until the 9th if you activate it on the 3rd.

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Hope this helps!

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