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takayama hokuriku pass

Takayama Hokuriku Pass

I like to know if this itinerary can made use of the Hokuriku Pass for my Oct 2015 travel.
Day 1 Takayama to Shirawakago by Nohi bus 2470Yen
Day 2 Shirawakago to Kanazawa by Nohi Bus 1850 Yen
Both of these have been reserved.
Day 3 Within Kanazawa - can I used this pass?
Day 4 Kanazawa to Komatsu and back to Kanazawa 1000 Yen both ways
Day 5 Kanazawa to Nagoya by Ltd Exp Shirasagi 6 - 7330 Yen
Total 12650 Yen
Versus the Hokuriku Pass is priced at 13500 Yen.

If my above itinerary can used the Hokuriku Pass, I would rather pay for the pass as it gives me flexibility of going in and out of the train without having to queue up each time to buy tickets.
But Shirawakago tourist association have reserved the Nohi bus tickets for me so can I used the pass to collect the tickets without having to pay.
Please advise.
Many thanks!


Can someone please confirm that for my itinerary above, I can make use of the Takayama Hokuriku Pass?
Like the Nohi bus on Day 1 and 2 which I had already reserved through the help of Shirawakago Tourist Association.
That Ltd Exp Shirasagi 6 from Kanazawa to Nagoya can also be used, right?
I need to buy it soon as I am leaving on Thursday.
Many thanks!


I refer from the tourist info website for takayama hokuriku pass below but it did not mention that you can travel from Nagoya to Kanazawa (direct train) and the map for this pass also does not show the link from Kanazawa to Nagoya.

So I need to confirm that I can use the pass for the above travel from Kanazawa to Nagoya direct train using Ltd Exp Shirasagi 6.


For those with the same query, the answer I found is that I cannot use the Hokuriku pass to travel directly from Kanazawa to Nagoya or vice versa. It has to follow the route given in the Hokuriku Pass.


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