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start a 7-day pass after kurobe-tateyama route?

start a 7-day pass after Kurobe-Tateyama route?

We are flying into Narita, staying in Tokyo 3 nights, then going hiking and doing the Alpine route.
We were thinking we would use busses from Tokyo to Matsumoto, and then to the start of the Alpine Route. Hike for 2 days from Murodo, then continue on the Alpine Route to Tatayama. After a day around the thatched villages, we would go to Hiroshima, Miyajima, Osaka, Nara, Osaka, flying out from Narita.
Can we start a 7-day pass in Tateyama?
Would we be better off with a 14-day even though the Alpine area is non-JR busses?
Thank you in advance!


Hi Karlin,

I think you're thinking of starting your main travel from Toyama (which is at the end of the Alpine route if started from Shinano-Omachi/Matsumoto (please correct me if I'm wrong here!)

Toyama does have a JR Pass exchange office that is open from 6am to 11pm (the south ticket office), so you should be fine to activate your rail pass there. If you are worried about this activation though, you can always activate it in Tokyo and specify your starting date for validity to be your departure day from Toyama.

Overall, if you are planning on using buses to Matsumoto rater than trains, then I think I recommend the 7 day pass over the 14 day pass.

Hope this helps!

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Thank you Mari,
I do mean Tateyama because we thought we would leave the Alpine Route there.
Activating the pass in Tokyo for a later date is great. I didn't know we could do that. Thank you very much.


Actually I meant Takayama, going on to Nagoya. Oops!


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