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specific directions while in osaka

specific directions while in Osaka

First, let me thank you for previous answers to my questions. We will get into Osaka from Tokyo on the Tokaido shinkansen which arrives in Shinosaka Station. From there I need a fairly easy way to get to Nishinomiya Kitaguchi Station (my daughter is a fan of anime and just wants to see it). I would like to use my JRpass as much as possible, as long as it doesn't require a lot of transfers and walking. I am ok with minimal use of local bus or subway if necessary. The other location we need to visit is the main street of Den Den Town. I have been reading about the different ways of getting there, and I would not be able to do that much walking. I did see something called the Midosuje line, and Sakaisuji line from Shinosaka to Ebisucho Station, but I have no idea if these are JR or other trains, buses, or subway. I also don't know how much it costs or how close they will get me to the two destinations I asked about. Also, it doesn't matter which place we visit first as long as it is more convenient. Thank you.


Hi there,

Nishinomiya Kitaguchi is on the Hankyu line to Kobe.Once you arrive at Osaka station, follow the signs with Umeda Hankyu (it's about 5min walk) and get on the Hankyu railway to Nishinomiya Kitaguchi. The JR Pass unfortunately is not usable on the Hankyu service.

To get to Den Den town using the JR Pass, take the train to JR-Namba, from there it is about 10min on foot. An alternative is to use the Midosuji subway line from Osaka (Umeda) station, it costs 200yen and will get you very close.

The places are in different directions, so the order does not really matter. Although I would probably head to Nishinomiya Kitaguchi first as Den Den town remains open until late.

Hope this helps,

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