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should we get a 14 day jr pass

Should we get a 14 day JR Pass


I am coming to Japan on my honeymoon early May.

This is our proposed itinerary - is it worth getting the 14 day JR Pass?

9th - Arrive in Toyko for 2 days sightseeing
11th - Tokyo-Nagano and on to Shibu for one night
12th - Back to Nagano for one night
13th - Nagano-Matsumoto and on to Kamikochi for 3 nights
16th - Back to Matsumoto and onto the Kisa Valley postal town hike for one night
17th - Kisa Valley-Kyoto for 3 nights
20th - Kyoto-Osaka and onwards to Koyasan for one night
21st - Back to Kyoto from Koyosan for 2 nights
22nd - Possible day trip from Kyoto-Nara
23rd - Kyoto-Tokyo for 2 final nights

I think it may be a little cheaper to buy tickets in Japan, but perhaps it's more convenient to get the pass in advance?
Any advice would be good.



Hi Bev,

First, congratulations on your (upcoming) wedding!
I made an inventory of normal ticket prices so see if it would be useful for you,

Tokyo --> Nagano ¥ 7,970
Shibu Onsen, no trains all the way there but there are various other ways to access it.
Nagano --> Matsumoto ¥ 2,770
Kisa Vally (Narai station) --> Kyoto ¥ 9,310
Kyoto --> Osaka 540
Kyoto Nara (return) 1,380
Kyoto --> Tokyo ¥ 13,220

This adds up to ¥ 35,190 this leaves you ¥ 9,910 short of the 14 day JR Pass which is ¥ 45,100.
Still it may even out quickly, for instance you could use it for a one way journey to the Airport or for an other day trip, most people just stay one night at Koya-san and there could be a nice possibility for a day trip.

Hope this helps,

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Thanks for your speedy reply Daniel.

That's what I thought so it's good to have it confirmed. We may still decide to get the pass.

Many thanks


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