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should i get jr pass, in addition to hakone free pass

Should I get JR Pass, in addition to Hakone Free Pass


Intended route as follows:


From what I have read in many sites, it seems that it makes sense to get the Hakone Free Pass since I plan to stay one night in a ryokan and roam around Hakone.

I plan to make an overnight trip to Yamanshi as well as a day trip to Yokohama.

My "base" is in Shinjuku (staying in a hotel near the Shinjuku station). I am not planning to spend too much time in Tokyo since this is my 4th trip there. Using Shinjuku as a base in order not to travel more than 2 hours at a stretch. Or should I stay at Shinagawa?

Should I get a JR Pass? What are your thoughts about this route? Does it make sense? Would I be travelling too much in the rail?


Hi there,

A JR Pass would require a little more travel in order to pay off. You can use our JR fare calculator in order to get a sense of costs involved.

Shinagawa and Shinjuku are both great places to stay at, however Ueno and Tokyo station would provide faster access to the Shinkansen for Nagano

The area you travel in is not too big and I think it looks fine.

Hope this helps,

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Thank you Daniel san. The calculator is very useful. I will consider heading to Nagano too!


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