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should i buy the jr pass or not also how to get reservation seat

Should I buy the JR Pass or not also how to get reservation seat

Hai Daniel-san,

I wanna ask you about my travel to Japan. I have an itinerary approximately like this :

31 March : I will be arrived at Haneda Airport and just get to the Osaka via shinkansen
1 April : Osaka to Kyoto, back to Osaka (travel Kyoto only in one day)
2 April : Go back to Tokyo
3 April : Go to Mt. Fuji
4-5 April : Tokyo Arround and get back to haneda airport

I also already check the hyperdia website for train schedule and JR Pass covered all my itinerary.

My Question is :
1. Is it wothed if I using the 7 days JR Pass?
2. How can I make the reservation if I want to use the shinkansen especially for my first day coming to Japan, I have getting the shinkansen to Osaka
3. If the Fujikyu Bus to Mt. Fuji also covered by JR Pass?
4. Is the JR Pass can be use in all JR Line such as JR Rapid Service?

Thank you Daniel ^^


Hi Stephanie,

1.) This is an easy one, yes the JR Pass would be worth it! Just a return Tokyo - Osaka will pay for the 7 day JR Pass. All extra travel is basically what you save. Which includes local travel in Osaka, from the Airport and on local JR lines within Tokyo.

2.) Reserving seats is easy and can be done once you have arrived in Japan. See our Blog post with all the details.

3.) The name somewhat gives it away. The Fujikyu bus is part of the Fujikyu company, which unfortunately does not accept the JR Pass :(

4.) Yes! All JR lines are covered! (just keep an eye out when you travel with the Shinkansen, don't hop on the Nozomi by Mistake).

Hope this helps,

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Hi Daniel-san,

Thanks for your reply. It is so much helpfull.

May I ask you again

  1. I heard that the Fujikyu Bus is also JR Bus. So if it not covered by JR Pass, could I go to Lake Kawaguchiko by JR Pass and how?

  2. From Haneda Airport to Hamamatsutcho St. (that is include on Yamanote Line) from hyperdia website, it written that I can use Tokyo Monorail. Is Tokyo Monorail covered by JR Pass?

  3. this is common question, should I arrived early at the station before the train leave the station? because I heard that if I want to use the shinkansen, I have to spare 45 minutes before at the station.

Your answer will be so much helpfull

Thank you Daniel-san ^^


Hi again!

1.) Kawaguchiko can't be reached all the way with the JR Pass, however there are still savings to be had.The best way to go about traveling there, is to take the JR all the way to Otsuki station, from there you can use the Fujikyu line to Kawaguchiko. This last part will cost around 1150yen.

2.) Yes the Tokyo Monorail is covered :D

3.) You could arrive 5 minutes in advance at the station, if you just want to hop on the train without seat reservations. If you want to reserve seats arrive 15-20 minutes early. There are no official procedures to go trough, except for the ticket gate.

Hope this helps :)

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Thank you so much Daniel-san. Really helpfull ^^


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