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should i buy jrpass

Should I buy JRpass

Should I buy JRpass? Thanks

Day 1 (Mon 7pm): Tokyo Narita
Day 2: Tokyo
Day 3: Tokyo Disneyland
Day 4: Tokyo Disneyland
Day 5: Tokyo
Day 6: Tokyo
Day 7 (Sun 11am): Tokyo to Osaka
Day 8: Osaka
Day 9: Universal Studios Osaka
Day 10: Osaka
Day 11: Osaka


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It depends on when you will go after Osaka. A 7 day JR Pass could be useful if you use it for instance to travel to Tokyo - Osaka and back but it is better to purchase normal tickets whilst traveling if you fly out of Osaka.

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For just the distance from Tokyo to Osaka, a 7 day pass would not pay off. However, if you are returning to Tokyo, or could extend your trip to Hiroshima and back to Osaka, then it would be cost effective. You are basically spending 5 days in Osaka, with one at USJ, but if you have not seen Kyoto or Nara before, you are missing the best side of Japan. Both places are well worth visiting, and offer some of Japan's best places, including in Kyoto the Kinkakuji Golden Pavilion and Fushimi Inari Shrine, and in Nara the Todaiji Great Buddha. It would be tragic if you were so nearby and missed such great places.

For Osaka, it has its good spots of course, but if you are already seeing Tokyo, a lot is simply redundant, and other places are more worthwhile.

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