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should i buy a 14 day pass?

Should I buy a 14 day pass?

We will travel to Japan 17April-2May2016. Our itinerary looks like this.
16th April - Kuala Lumpur-Sapporo (We plan on staying at Sapporo until 20th and hope to visit Aomori as well)
20th- check-out and travel to Sendai...check-in Sendai until 23rd. (In Sendai we plan to travel to Matsushima)
23rd - travel to Tokyo
25th - will start the Alpine from Nagano...overnight in Murodo. 26th finish the Alpine and straight to Osaka.
26th April - 2nd May 2016 will be in Osaka and we plan to visit Kyoto, Nara.
2nd is our departure to Kuala Lumpur.

We also plan to visit Tonami tulip festival.

Can you advice us? Thank you.


Hi there,

Yes I certainly recommend using a JR Pass for your trip. Traveling down from Sapporo to Tokyo can cost a lot without a JR Pass. Add to that travel to Nagano and Osaka and you will make a ton in savings with the JR Pass compared to buying normal tickets.

In April the new Shinkansen line to Hakodate will be open and the JR Pass can be used on it, you can also use the super fast Hayabusa Shinkansen from Aomori to Sendai and Tokyo, this is currently the fastest Shinkansen in Japan. So it all works out well!

Hope this helps,

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